Thara Singh

My name is Thara Singh and I would like my story to inspire and encourage others.  

I have been falling randomly while walking from the age of 30. Went to several doctors and a few neurologists in Durban where I lived and worked. Had several scans and tests but MS was not diagnosed. Was  also incontinent it was really embarrassing. Was also hospitalized and again had an MRI and all sorts of tests all clear. In the midst of all this I continued to study and improve my qualifications as a teacher of children with learning challenges. One neurologist actually accused me of lying so that I could be medically boarded.

Anyway at 40 I quit studying after obtaining two degrees and two diplomas. At 58 I had 2angioblasts and a stent fitted in as I had severe angina. Tried going back to school after 2 weeks, but couldn’t manage to control the children with severe behavior problems. Got medically boarded in November of 2009.

Moved to Johannesburg as my only daughter started work here the same year. In 2012 diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Had an op and again in 2015 the cancer spread to the lungs. Operated on again. A year later my cardiologist referred me to Dr Giampoalo as I had a bad relapse and was on a wheelchair whenever I left the house.

One look at my gait and Dr Giampoalo said I had MS. Several tests confirmed the diagnosis. I am on Aubagio which took months of fighting with the medical aid. After my daughter sent all the tests and visits to the neurologist and hospitals last year I was given Aubagio and am on it now.

My walk has deteriorated a lot so I use a walking frame at home but use a wheelchair every time I leave home. This is my story and I am glad to share it on the MS website.