Our Values

Our core value is people affected by MS are at the heart of everything we do, shaping decisions and driving positive change.

We are strong because we work together, inspiring each other, sharing resources, ideas and influence.

We are open and inclusive, embracing the richness of diversity and experiences.

We are strategic and determined, acting with urgency to find solutions with and for people affected by MS, wherever they live in SA.

In 2023, in collaboration with Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF), we joined the roll-out of a new five year strategy. Within this new strategy, we are working towards three strategic aims:

  • Improved scientific understanding to prevent, treat and stop MS
  • Greater access to effective healthcare, information, and support
  • A stronger, broader, global MS movement empowering MSSA


Supporting Those Who Need It Most! We've Got Your Back!

  • Living with an uncommon chronic condition like Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is far from being a death sentence; it's a lifelong journey.
  • Adjusting to a different lifestyle after an MS diagnosis is undoubtedly challenging, and it doesn't come with a manual.
  • The path to acceptance, sharing your challenges, asking for assistance, and allowing others to reach out is often a winding and uncertain one.
  • MSSA are here to guide patients through this uncharted territory.
  • We provide a safe, empathetic space where individuals can share their experiences with fellow MS champions.
  • While we all eagerly await a cure, we understand that, in the meantime, we must manage our condition and make the most of our lives.
  • By identifying the unique needs of people living with MS, we strive to bridge the gaps and provide the support that our community requires.
  • Together, the journey becomes a little bit easier and more manageable.
  • We face this challenge as a united community, making life with MS a bit brighter, one step at a time.
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