Support Groups

You are reaching out to join Multiple Sclerosis South Africa Support Structures for people living with multiple sclerosis in SA.

We are POPIA compliant and keep all protocol in place, therefore:

Your search for a support system compel us giving you the background:

  • There are less than 3000 (estimate) people with MS in SA.
  • Therefore, virtual support groups are the answer.
  • We created a support structure that would include everybody, no matter the demographics of where you stay.
  • Social media allows us a confidential and private group, well managed and free of predators.
  • Only registered persons with MS are welcome and invited.
  • WhatsApp groups in the area where you live are an extension of the FB group.
  • Physical support groups are not happening, especially in the time of Covid. We do the odd physical get togethers where it is possible.
  • Our mission is to provide emotional support to people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), their caregivers, families and loved ones and provide information on MS to any person or group of persons with an interest in the disease.
  • The link to the online application for membership is where you start. Click on Membership on the top Menu and complete the process.
  • Please use your name and surname as reference when you send the POP when registering.
  • We look forward to welcoming you into our safe space for all persons in SA with a lived experience of multiple sclerosis, your family and friends.