Nina Pool

My name is Nina Pool – this is now April 2013 and this is my MS Story.

Nina Pool was a teacher who had her first MS ‘episode” in 1998.   The doctors initially thought she had Meningitis.   She was paralysed on her left side.

In 1999 she got married, and had another episode on their honeymoon, ended up in hospital and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 4 weeks later.   She was one of the first people in South Africa to go on Betaferon.

Her condition improved so much – 80% from when diagnosed – that she had a baby daughter in 2002.

Then she relapsed and ended up in hospital every year on cortisone, and was also put on Rebiff.   In 2010 she was very ill and was in hospital every three months.    In December 2010 she was put on Copaxone, and have had no relapse since then.

Her condition has improved so much that she and her husband decided to try for another baby.   She gave birth to quadruplets in March 2012, two identical boys and two identical girls.    There are only 7 such cases in the world.

Her pregnancy went very well, she did not use any medication for her MS, and breastfed for 6 weeks, after which she went back on Copaxone.

Her children are happy and healthy, she is happy and healthy, and will go for another MRI in September 2013.

Nina truly believes that having MS does not limit God’s vision for your life and her story should be a testament to this.


Nina’s story has changed a lot since then. Check soon for an update on her journey towards HSCT. 2020