Karin Guse Meyer

This is my MS story for now… as told by Karin Guse 2020

I want to go back to the beginning, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for me and all that cared for me.

Some things I can remember clearly and the rest I take from my brain foggy mind, it’s all based on known facts, the dates might be off but the lessons is as clear as day light.  I never knew that I could be so resilient, I had a bad mess at work, came home cried my eyes out, resigned and with that I lost my medical aid.  The next morning, I woke up and saw my face hanging to one side and I looked like I had a stroke.

I went to my mom and told her that I need to go to the dr.  She took me and the Dr. said that I have to go to Greenacres Hospital and I said to her that I lost my medical aid and that I can’t afford it. Then my only option was to go to the Government Hospital the Provincial.  I was not prepared for all the crap awaiting me, but hey it was what it was and I shuffled along with a brave face. 

So, I packed my bag and off I went with a bravado totally unknown to me! I got a bed and the testing started; I had a CAT scan at the Livingston hospital driven by the Ambulance to check what’s wrong with this girl. They pumped me full of blue stuff to see what they want to see but alas they saw nothing.  The next day I went back for a hart echo where this man had me hooked up with some wires to check my heart which would be great if the shit was not fondling my breasts. This was too much for me to deal with, the food was bad my mom kept on bringing me food and the state of the bathrooms was smelly, and all I could do was to cry and sob the crap away. I had a hectic headache and they could not even give me a panado.  I wanted to go home but they said I must have blood test before I go so this nurse said to me if they can’t find anything wrong, I must have AIDS.  She took blood and said that I must come back in two weeks for the result.  This was two weeks of scary hell but so worth testing my patience.

 Through a friend I got an MRI done and an appointment with Dr P.J.J Swartz. I think for me he is the best neurologist and he is the one who got me on Betaferon and I’ve been taking it for a long time, I think it’s since 1998.

In the process of my life with MS, I broke a lot of things starting with the good stuff like my virginity and this is just for the laughs: grin, grin. I also broke my elbow witch landed me in a Care centre called Arora and I was there for 6 weeks they got me a custom made Wheelchair a seat to sit on in the shower. They also gave me lots of railings to hold onto.

I also broke my shoulder bone and that was truly eina. But here I am still trying to make the best of a sad state of affairs. I’m counting my blessings with a curtsy and wave…. With knowing that I will cope with whatever comes my way!

I’ve lost so much in life starting with my car stolen outside the church, I Lost my ability to earn an income and is left with a small state pension. Thank goodness for my mom paying for me and my son’s medical aid!

I’m not living the way I wished for but in hindsight I’m happy.

Sending all off the brave warriors: LOVE AND LIGHT AND ALWAYS LAUGHTER

Karin Guse 2020