Chad Lombard

My name is Chad Lombard and I am 21 years old. I really hope my story can help someone out there to make them feel they are not alone and speak to the people around you that is the best you can do for yourself and them.

2020 has been a challenging year for so many of us, & we're only just about half way through it. At the end of last year I experienced so many changes and impulses going through my body. I've been to 3 different hospitals in 3 months. This has definitely been one of the toughest challenges I have been faced with. I started losing my balance and falling a lot last December. So much so, that with the last fall, I spoke to my dad and told him that something is wrong. I told him that I needed to be checked out. I was admitted to Livingstone hospital at first, & they referred me to Provincial Hospital. The Doctor at Provincial hospital told me worms were growing onto my brain. Worms were basically living on my brain. The Doctor also mentioned that I had a slight stroke caused by stress, & that I should be more careful in terms of how kind I am to my thoughts, myself and my body.

This is when the Specialist Doctor diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis. It hit me hard. I was grateful though, for the fact that the condition I was/am faced with is so small compared to so many other diseases. After I was diagnosed, I went to St. George's hospital. The doctor at this hospital helped me out so much and was the coolest ever. I had a physiotherapist helping me out with movement as well. His treatment was the best. Afterward U also got treatment from a Ooccupational Therapist. I am much better and my condition has become more acceptable. I am sharing my experience & story with you all just to remind you that no matter how tough a challenge feels, how big a condition seems or how hard a situation hits you - you have the capacity to bounce & fight back with everything inside of you. For all of you feeling like you're going through the most, don't give up. Find something in your every day life that you can be grateful for. Understand that change is always good, & that lessons can be born during every challenge we are faced with.